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  • Iran president makes case for talks as G7 gambit slammed
  • Iran president makes case for talks as G7 gambit slammedIran's President Hassan Rouhani came out strongly in favour of talks Monday as his top diplomat came under fire from hardline media for a surprise visit to a G7 summit. "I believe that for our country's national interests we must use any tool," Rouhani said in a speech aired live on state television. "The main thing is our country's national interests," he said to a round of applause from those gathered at an event marking government achievements in rural areas.

  • Iranian president defends his foreign minister's visit to G7
  • Iranian president defends his foreign minister's visit to G7Iran's president is defending his foreign minister's surprise visit to the G-7 summit, saying he's himself ready to go anywhere to negotiate a way out of the crisis following the U.S. pullout from the nuclear deal.

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  • If I win the first price for the globalwarming awareness2007 I don't know what to do beceause it's not possible for me to imagine drive a C2
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  • The Latest: Iran imposes sanctions on US think tank
  • The Latest: Iran imposes sanctions on US think tankIran's Foreign Ministry says it has imposed sanctions on the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies and its CEO for its role in promoting sanctions and "economic terrorism" against Iran. A Saturday report by Iranian media, including the semi-official Fars news agency, quoted a statement by Iran's Foreign Ministry as saying the foundation and its CEO Mark Dubowitz "intentionally" damaged vital interests of Iran through spreading lies and negative campaigning against Iran.

  • UK Hong Kong consulate worker Simon Cheng freed after detention in mainland China
  • UK Hong Kong consulate worker Simon Cheng freed after detention in mainland ChinaA British consulate employee in Hong Kong has been freed by China after being detained for 15 days on the mainland amid rising tensions between the former British colony and Beijing. Simon Cheng, 28, a trade and investment officer at the Hong Kong consulate?s Scottish Development International section, went missing on August 8 on his way back from a work trip in Shenzhen, a neighbouring Chinese city.  It was not until after the UK expressed ?extreme concern? about his disappearance that China?s foreign ministry broke its silence, confirming Mr Cheng had been detained without releasing further details.  On Saturday, his family announced that he had come back. "Simon has returned to Hong Kong; thanks you everyone for your support! Simon and his family wish to have some time to rest and recover, and will not take any interview,? they said in a statement.   An activist holds an illustration of Simon Cheng during a gathering outside the British Consulate-General building in Hong Kong  Credit: AFP Chinese police in Shenzhen confirmed that Mr Cheng had been detained for violating public security management regulations, and was released after that period on Saturday.  Police also said he had ?confessed to the facts of his illegal activity,? without saying what those activities were. Mr Cheng was not formally charged or tried in court, and his family rejected allegations in Chinese state media that he had been detained for visiting prostitutes.  On Friday the UK issued a warning to all travellers to Hong Kong about increased scrutiny from mainland authorities at border crossings. The warning added that mobile phones and electronic devices were being checked by border patrol. Mr Cheng?s mysterious disappearance highlights China?s murky legal and judicial system ? something that help kicked off mass protests early June in Hong Kong. Many fear freedoms enjoyed in Hong Kong, guaranteed for at least 50 years under an agreement that became effective when the former British colony was returned to Beijing, are fast-disappearing under China?s ruling Communist Party.  Hong Kong crisis | Comment and analysis Millions first took to the streets against a now-suspended extradition proposal that would have sent people to face trial in mainland China, where Communist Party control of the courts contributes to a 99.9 per cent conviction rate. Forced confessions are also common with suspects paraded on state television. ?What happened to Simong Cheng ? this is a common tactic used by the central government to put pressure on people,? said Kammy Yang, 50, an office clerk at a protest on Saturday. ?Many Chinese activists were accused of prostitution or tax scams; this is their strategy in China, trying to suppress freedom.? Thousands of protesters on Saturday engaged in a series of skirmishes, throwing projectiles from bricks to petrol bombs at police who responded with sprays of tear gas and rubber bullets. It was the first time tear gas had been deployed in 10 days, a period of relative calm as protesters recalibrated their approach in an otherwise tumultuous, violent summer.  Demonstrators join hands to form a human chain during the Hong Kong Way event in the Central district of Hong Kong, China, on Friday Credit: Bloomberg ?The reasons why protesters are building roadblocks, surrounding police stations, and throwing bricks ? it?s because the government doesn?t respond to us,? said Vaso Chan, 28, an office clerk. ?It?s not fun for any of us to come out during summer break.? Protesters spray painted slogans like ?Give me liberty or death,? Chinazi,? and ?HK popo Gestapo,? on sidewalks and highways. As the political movement has grown, so have protesters? demands, who are now calling for an independent inquiry into police handling of the protests, the resignation of Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam, and direct leadership elections.  City leaders however have made no concessions, instead thrusting the police to the front lines to handle the situation, further angering protesters.  Demonstrations are occurring nearly every day now in the financial hub, disrupting traffic and public transportation. On Saturday, several stations closed along a planned march route. But despite growing unrest, public support for the protesters has stayed strong, with marches and strikes planned through September. ?No matter whether those protesters are peaceful protesters or protesters that are standing in the ?front lines?, no matter what they do, we will support them,? said Mr Chan.

  • retrustructuration du forum chocokuland
  • Chocoku Life
    retrustructuration du forum chocokuland Salut les taffioles et les taffiolettes :icon_hug L'été c'est le moment des grands ... plus ... Statistiques : 1 Message || 201 Vus Message de xavfun
  • question pandaranol aux Zhabitants du Land
  • Concours seo
    question pandaranol aux Zhabitants du Land Kikou les tarlouzeurs rose, Est-ce qu'il y a des membres d'ici qui jouent au pandaranol ? plus ... Statistiques : 9 Réponses || 190 Vus Message de xavfun
  • Pandaranol
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    Pandaranol bah voilà le concours de référencement de SEO World Cup est lancé le mot clé c'est Pandaranol ... plus ... Statistiques : 22 Réponses || 430 Vus Message de xavfun
  • journée des chocokines
  • Romantique
    journée des chocokines c'est Mardi Gras de 8 mars 2011 et c'est la Journée de la Flemme, tellement que je n'ai même pas (de bras, pas de chocokine) envie de ... plus ... Statistiques : 3 Réponses || 427 Vus Message de tictact
  • soirée seosphère
  • Chocoku Life
    soirée seosphère Salut les Tarlouzes comme un référencement sur google :icon_helloall ça s'est passé le samdi 11 décembre 2010 en plein ... plus ... Statistiques : 15 Réponses || 2646 Vus Message de xavfun


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