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globalwarming awareness2007

  • Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nomination
  • Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nominationJoe Biden formally clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Friday, setting him up for a bruising challenge to President Donald Trump that will play out against the unprecedented backdrop of a pandemic, economic collapse and civil unrest. The former vice president has effectively been his party's leader since his last challenger in the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, ended his campaign in April. Biden reached the threshold three days after the primaries because several states, overwhelmed by huge increases in mail ballots, took days to tabulate results.

  • AP PHOTOS: Images of calm emerge after days of protests
  • AP PHOTOS:  Images of calm emerge after days of protestsAmid the anger, violence and grief evident in the massive protests shaking the country after the death of George Floyd, images of calm are beginning to emerge as the mood shifts to more peaceful calls for change.

  • This years there is a lot of people who play on this game, it's very funny to find a lot a french people when we search globalwarming awareness2007 on the search engine  :-)

  • The Chocoku Global Land Team or something else play with a strange blog and strange idea...

  • Don?t panic: Huge, headline-grabbing asteroid has no chance of hitting us anytime soon
  • Don?t panic: Huge, headline-grabbing asteroid has no chance of hitting us anytime soonThe bad news is that an asteroid of city-killing proportions is heading in our direction, but the good news is that it'll miss us on Saturday night by 3.2 million miles. The space rock, known as 2002 NN4, generated enough scary headlines that NASA felt compelled to put out a reassuring note today. "There is no danger the asteroid will hit the Earth," NASA said. The asteroid has been described as being as big as the Empire State Building, but Bad Astronomy's Phil Plait points out that one study estimates it as being even larger, with a diameter of 735? Read More

  • Space investor Dylan Taylor reserves a spot for payload on Xplore?s first space mission
  • Space investor Dylan Taylor reserves a spot for payload on Xplore?s first space missionSeattle-based Xplore says space investor and philanthropist Dylan Taylor plans to reserve payload space on its first mission beyond Earth orbit, on behalf of a nonprofit group he founded. Taylor, the chairman and CEO of Colorado-based Voyager Space Holdings, said in a news release that Xplore's Xcraft multi-mission spacecraft "gives the flexibility needed to design the optimum payload and send it to space." Xplore said details about the nature of the payload and the financial arrangements for the reservation were confidential for now. Taylor founded Space for Humanity in 2017 to expand access to space and foster a sense of? Read More

  • If I win the first price for the globalwarming awareness2007 I don't know what to do beceause it's not possible for me to imagine drive a C2
  • If I am on second place maybe I try to go on the cruyser with a beautifull chocoku girls with a big Boops, because I love Boops more than I love the globalwarming awareness2007
  • The 3rd price is very good because with a TV plasma we can play to the Wii (sauf que non... oops ave private joke in french)

  • retrustructuration du forum chocokuland
  • Chocoku Life
    retrustructuration du forum chocokuland Salut les taffioles et les taffiolettes :icon_hug L'été c'est le moment des grands ... plus ... Statistiques : 1 Message || 201 Vus Message de xavfun
  • question pandaranol aux Zhabitants du Land
  • Concours seo
    question pandaranol aux Zhabitants du Land Kikou les tarlouzeurs rose, Est-ce qu'il y a des membres d'ici qui jouent au pandaranol ? plus ... Statistiques : 9 Réponses || 190 Vus Message de xavfun
  • Pandaranol
  • Concours seo
    Pandaranol bah voilà le concours de référencement de SEO World Cup est lancé le mot clé c'est Pandaranol ... plus ... Statistiques : 22 Réponses || 430 Vus Message de xavfun
  • journée des chocokines
  • Romantique
    journée des chocokines c'est Mardi Gras de 8 mars 2011 et c'est la Journée de la Flemme, tellement que je n'ai même pas (de bras, pas de chocokine) envie de ... plus ... Statistiques : 3 Réponses || 427 Vus Message de tictact
  • soirée seosphère
  • Chocoku Life
    soirée seosphère Salut les Tarlouzes comme un référencement sur google :icon_helloall ça s'est passé le samdi 11 décembre 2010 en plein ... plus ... Statistiques : 15 Réponses || 2646 Vus Message de xavfun


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